This on-demand video course also comes with 1:1 chat support, and it will show your employees how to use Figma so that they're up-to-speed quickly (including remote teams)


Is your company just getting started with Figma? Are you looking to accelerate the process so that your product and design teams can learn everything they need to get up and running and using Figma quickly?

We offer discounts to teams looking to level up their skills and accelerate their productivity in Figma! 

This online course includes on-demand videos and comes with 1:1 chat support, making it easy for your employees to get fully trained on Figma from anywhere, effectively saving time and resources. You can also be sure that their questions will be answered as they come up (no having to pay for travel fees because the support is all online).

It's especially powerful for product and design teams of fast-growing companies to take this course.

In addition to instant course access, your employees will also receive complimentary email support from the course instructor.

Here are the pricing details:

Your company will receive 15% off the $97 course when signing up in bulk (cannot be combined with other offers). It's also possible to sign up multiple departments (product teams and design teams are the most common).

The price of the "Master Figma: From Beginner to Pro" course is normally $97 per person, and all teams get 15% off.

Examples of the bulk discount in action: 

Example 1: The total for a team of 3 would be $247 (instead of $291)

Example 2: The total for a team of 5 would be $412 (instead of $485)

Example 3: The total for a team of 10 would be $824 (instead of $970)

Example 4: The total for a team of 15 would be $1,236.75 (instead of $1,455)

Example 5: The total for a team of 50 would be $4,122.50 (instead of $4,850)

Return on investment: How long would it normally take your company to train employees on new software like Figma before employees could start using it in a meaningful way that impacts the company's bottom line? 

For many companies, it could take weeks or even months to teach their employees Figma on their own individually, which is both time-consuming and resource-intensive, consuming the valuable (and often expensive) time of both employees and management.

Instead, your employees can learn Figma through this instant-access online course quickly and productively (this online crash course can fit easily into 1-2 days and has helped employees from tech startups all the way to Fortune 500 companies successfully learn Figma in the most efficient way possible), saving time normally spent training up entire departments and large teams.

On top of that, we'll also provide email support to your employees if they run into any questions along the way!

🌟How it works & getting started🌟

Fill out the form here to get started. Our support team will follow up with a formal invoice via QuickBooks within 48 hours, and once the invoice is paid, we can invite your team members to the course in bulk. If you are looking to register a team of 200+ employees and need Net 30 terms or other terms, I can work with you on that, too.

Once your employees have access to the course, email support will be provided to any of your employees that run into questions along the way!