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✅ Copy the EXACT framework you need to design modern, mobile-friendly designs in Figma

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Learn how to create beautiful designs in Figma today, just like hundreds of other successful students

"I signed up for the Figma course to receive a certification for my job. I currently work as a business analyst. The course was great and taught me quite a bit I didn't know!"

-Breanna M, Business Analyst

"As a new designer, I really enjoyed this Figma course. Thank you!"

-Chris Shaw, UX Designer


Instructor Hannah Wright

Hannah has 10 years of design experience and is from Alaska. Creating this course has made it possible to help thousands of people around the world learn Figma — including assisting technical schools in preparing students — completely remotely, and her course has also helped employees at companies like Google and Salesforce learn how to use Figma.

She is also the founder of the design company SaaS Design, the destination for Figma templates. She has been featured in publications like Forbes and the American Express blog.

She feels a little strange writing about herself in third person.