The easiest way to get free enrollment to the Figma course (either solo or as a team).

Sample email (copy & paste swipe copy). This email has helped many teams get their course access covered!

Hi [boss’s name],

There is a design course called “Master Figma: From Beginner to Figma Pro” that is open for enrollment right now. It's run by SaaS Design, with thousands of students worldwide. It's 100% online and self-paced. Here's a link with more details about the course curriculum:

Designers and product managers from companies like Google, Salesforce, and Microsoft have taken the course to learn Figma and level up their design + collaboration skills, and I think it’d be a fantastic investment for us, too. It would save a great deal of time and money in the long-run when it comes to getting up-to-speed with Figma quickly.

It is $97 for 1 person, but if we sign up our team, we’d save 15%. I think this would make sense because if we signed up the team, we would be reducing time normally spent on internal training, saving time and money.

What do you think: would it be possible to sign our team up for the course?